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AVMazzega was founded in 1946 in Murano, the island in the Venice lagoon known all over the world for its glass production.
During the years the company has developed its know-how producing stunning lamps and chandeliers, created with the cooperation of Italian and International Architechts. An AVMazzega lamp can lighten an ambient with elegance and taste.
AVMazzega has two lines of products “I Moderni” and “I Veneziani”.

“I Moderni” are contemporary lamps created by international designer, aimed for exclusive places where their elegant shapes can fill the ambient of glamour.

In “I Veneziani” the worldwide famous Murano glass express itself at its best, the AVMazzega Venetian chandeliers are timeless pieces that increase its value during the years with lines and colors both of the Venetian tradition and designed by international architechts

In the last 15 years AVMazzega has also made its name in the contract, creating chandeliers and lamps on demand, a cooperation between customer, architechts and master that bring to life gorgeous light creations. AVMazzega cooperates on a regular basis with fashion companies, 5 stars hotels, cruise companies and SPA all over the world
Among our recent projects:

• Sezz Hotel in Paris (2005)
• Fendi Palace in Roma (2005)
• Cruise Ship Costa Brava (2005)
• Atelier Luisa Beccaria in Moscow and in Milan (2005-2006)
• Atelier Helen Marlen in Kiev (2006)
• Amber Springs Hotel, Wexford, Ireland (2006)
• FIB buro in Paris (2006 -2007)
• Schloss Meseberg in Berlin (2006 -2007)
• Hotel de Cotes et des olivades in Provence France (2008)
• Boutiques Catherine Malandrino in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Istambul, Dubai (2008)
• Boutique Fendi in Hong Kong (2008)
• Hotel Budersand in Sylt Island (2008)
• Boutique Fendi in Shanghai (2009)
• Boutique Fendi in Paris (2009)
• Boutiques Lancel in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble, Beyrouth (2009)
• Boutiques Lancel in Paris (Galeries Lafayette, Printemps), Bordeaux (2010)
• Hotel Ritz Carlton in Toronto Canada (2010)
• Sezz Hotel Saint Tropez (2010)
• Boutiques Fendi in New York and Atlanta (2010)
• Sofitel Cataract Hotel il Cairo (2010)
• Hotel Kempinsky Manama Bahrein (2010)
• Marriot Le Parc Hotel Paris (2011)
• Boutique Lancel Doha (2011)
• Boutique Rocco Barocco Doha (2011)
• Boutique Lancel Paris Champs Elyseé (2011)
• Hotel Hilton Alger (2011)
• Boutique Fendi Praga (2012)
• Boutique Lancel in Shanghai (2012)
• Hotel Hilton in Munich (2012)
• Boutique Fendi in Las Vegas (2012)
• Boutique Lancel Louvre Carrousel (2012)
• Boutique Fendi in Kuwait (2012)
• Boutique Fendi in Baku (2012)
• Buddha Bar hotel in Paris (2012)
• Grand Hyatt hotel in Singapore (2013)

Pictures of these and other projects are at the following adress :


Our technical department can study customer made chandeliers and lamps following the instructions of architects and designers, following the up to date colours and styles.

Should you be interested to see some of the projects we realised, there are some photos in our web site: www.avmazzega.com
for any information you might need, you can contact Dr. Benedetta Fabbro at the 0039 041 2737312 – fax 0039 041739939 or export@avmazzega.com.